SB19’s stellar showmanship


DUE to insistent public demand, the phenomenal P-pop group SB19 will be streaming limited replay editions of its very successful virtual concert Back in the Zone, which broke online streaming sales records for the KTX platform earlier this month.

The group’s management and producer ShowBT Entertainment gave in to the high volume of requests from fans and followers of the group and has scheduled replays on August 21 for the American and Canadian territories, and August 22 for the Philippine streaming market with a special price tag of P550, still on the KTX streaming platform.

We were fortunate to be able to catch the concert and we were truly impressed with how this all Filipino boy group has evolved through the years. The important details of the concert were all given the world-class stamp by the five popular young and talented performance artists—Ken, Justin, Josh, Stell and Pablo—making the show one of the most impressive virtual concerts we have witnessed.

SB19 opened with the highly charged number “What?,” the music video that garnered more than 10 million views on YouTube.  The group’s signature Philippine flavor was immediately highlighted as the boys dished out its past hits “Tilaluha,” “Go Up,” “Alab” and “Hanggang sa Huli” with ease, passion and professionalism.

Each of the members were given their moments and shine they did. Justin regaled with “The Scientist.” Pablo came in strong with his number “Kelan” featuring artist Josue. Ken showed his flair with his original composition “Palayo,” and Josh raised the concert roof with “Drag Me Down.”

But we reckon that the one who truly soared and reached maximum musical impact was Stell when he performed the classic 1975 Eric Carmen song “All By Myself.” Stell was in his best elements that night, and his voice was both exquisite and warm, his stance confident and captivating.

The group’s rendition of its current big hit “Mana” was also very well received, getting immediate massive feedback on different social-media platforms after it was performed. The boys have fans in all major cities of the world and these fans came in full force to be part of the very well mapped-out virtual concert.

The last part of the group’s repertoire solidified its place in the modern concert circuit. The song “Bazinga” was wonderfully rendered, and SB19 ended a real fun and festive night with “SLMT,” short for salamat (thank you in Filipino), perhaps sincerely grateful for how far it has come and what it has achieved not only as a once-underdog boy band but also for the country in general.

No doubt SB19 continues to raise the Philippine flag in the world music scene.  Just recently, the group snatched a nod in the hard-to-penetrate Billboard Music Awards, alongside Seventeen, Ariana Grande, Blackpink and the topnotch group BTS.  The group’s passion and hard work are so evident that every new song that comes out of its camp is always carefully planned, outstandingly executed and well-marketed, reasons why the group soars higher than ever.

Back in the Zone was a huge success mainly because of SB19’s unique brand of stellar showmanship. Bravo!

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