Sacrilege?: Ateneo HS student pockets sacred Host at communion, takes photos, ‘reviews’ it on Twitter


THE Ateneo University has been rocked by controversy, just days before Holy Week.

In a wild stunt that shocked the Jesuit-led community, a senior high school student pocketed the sacred Host during communion at a Mass he attended in school last March 17, brought it home, and did a “review” of the Host as if it were like some ordinary dish. He then posted his “review” with close-up photos of the Host, on Twitter, bragging about his act.

The deed has spurred fresh concern over how an obsession with social media stunts has led people, especially youth, to do “over the top” stunts that hurt sensitivities and set back educators’ efforts to impart in learners a deep and healthy respect for people’s beliefs and faith.

“No masses in all chapels/churches in Ateneo, including Gesu,” said the Ateneo’s community billboard, after the ASHS (Ateneo Senior High School) officials decided to suspend masses starting March 21, “as part of the Reparation and Atonement for the recent act of sacrilege (profanation of the Holy Eucharist) by a member of the ASHS.”

Activities “in line with the Reperation and Atonement” will follow, added the ASHS Community Announcement.

The post summed up the act: a senior high school student pocketed and took a picture of the Host and posted on Twitter a “review” of the “design, crispiness and wow factor.”

On the design, the student said on Twitter, “I like the vibe, but if it was centered I think it’d be a lot better.” For crispiness, he gave an 8/10 score, because, he said, the Host was “not soggy” with a “satisfying crunch.” He likened the taste to “cornflakes.”

He then gave the Host an overall rating of 7.1/10.

According to a BusinessMirror source, sacrilegious acts like this merit, under Canon Law, automatic ex-communication.

It was not known at press time what sanctions the school or the Jesuits of Ateneo will take, if ever, against the student.