Saab Magalona and Candy Gamos share the secret to stronger sisterhood with Physiogel


Isn’t it wonderful how sisterhood can be more than just a biological bond? Last September 25, songstresses Saab Magalona and Candy Gamos shared how they found a sister in each other on the first episode of Physiogel’s SIS Sessions on FB Live.

Saab and Candy revealed that they met through their exes. Those relationships obviously did not work out, but the silver lining? Their friendship did! More than a decade later, here they are, cheerleaders and support system to each other. This amazing friendship even inspires the upbeat, energetic music they make with their band, Cheats.

Though already strong, these women agree that there’s a special kind of magic that makes them even stronger when they lean onto each other. In between those hangouts and late-night chikas, showing their vulnerable side during tough times allowed them to become each other’s safe space, making their connection even more powerful. 

While it is important for sisters to look after each other, they understand how self-care also helps strengthen their bond. “You can’t pour from an empty cup!”, Saab mentions. Candy agrees, sharing that she usually spends stress-free nights with her go-to skincare, Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy Range. Its gentle, hydrating formula powered by Biomimic Technology helps keep her skin strong, like their sisterhood. On days when her skin is extra sensitive, Saab makes sure to use Physiogel Calming Relief Range to help combat irritations intensively. These rituals allow them to be their best selves, “capable of being somebody else’s support during difficult times”. After all, sisters must stick together, right? 

Saab and Candy’s story just proves that having a shared DNA is not the only way to define sisterhood. It’s when we come together to share moments, whether of highs or lows, and being the source of strength to the sister you choose.

More stories of sisterhood are coming up on the next SIS Session. Stay tuned on Physiogel’s Facebook Page for more details soon.

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