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Rolling Thunder

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IF there are two words to describe the life of former kickboxing world champion Peter “The Chief” Graham, it would be the finishing kick or finishing move if you will, “Rolling Thunder.”

To say he’s been tried and tested in both the octagon and the ring is an understatement. The man’s life story is a Netflix documentary waiting to happen.

As I was conversing with him on “Sports For All,” I was in the presence of a decorated martial artist who challenged himself fighting outside of his karate comfort zone—kickboxing, mixed martial arts and professional boxing provided him the competition and the challenges he was eager to take on.

His early childhood was life in the streets and tough neighborhoods that toughened him up for the battles ahead.

Peter moved to Japan when he was 18 to continue his Kyokushin Karate training which was three times a day and earned his black belt after only five years and as they say, the rest is history as habits that were formed then molded him into accomplishing and achieving things in every fighting system he got into.

These days, the father of two is still fighting, figuratively speaking that is not literally. His competitive nature in him doesn’t stop him from learning.

Graham owns, manages and operates a gym of his own teaching kids and continuing his advocacies and issues that he feels strongly about.

Peter is married to Silvia who is from Brazil. The former Bellator mixed martial arts heavyweight contender speaks fluent Portuguese, so what can the man not do right?

I can imagine “The Chief” overlooking what he has created and established from years of blood, sweat, and tears and see a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment. Either that or Peter constantly looks for the next challenge.

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