Quezon’s diversion roads; Volvo Ironmark


I WAS glad to discover three diversion roads as we motored to Calauag, Quezon (some 230 km from Manila), during the Holy Week break.  Because of them, our trip was made more comfortable and rendered less tiresome as precious minutes—if not hours—had been immensely slashed.

From Lucena City going to Bicol are the by-pass routes in Quezon Province found in the towns of Tiaong, Candelaria and Gumaca. They are a boon to motorists due for the long haul to Bicol. 

Who said the government is perennially incapable of doing something good for the people?

Swedish Steel

THERE is a unique award being given by Volvo Philippines to people who have made a name in their chosen fields of endeavor. Called the Volvo Ironmark Award, it symbolizes strength and vitality present to anyone receiving the trophy.

Listen to Paolo Ella, Attorney Albert Arcilla’s key cog at Volvo:

“Volvo Philippines lauds the amazing achievements of premier social media influencer Small Laude, by bestowing her with the prestigious Volvo Ironmark Award.

“Presented at this year’s People of the Year Awards organized by People Asia magazine, this token of recognition recognizes Laude’s meteoric rise to Internet fame.

“The Volvo Ironmark Award is a befitting accolade given on International Women’s Month to a spectacular woman such as Laude. An alchemy symbol for iron, the Ironmark symbolizes the strength and quality of Swedish steel—the same values epitomized by Small Laude. 

“Already an accomplished woman in business and family life, Laude pushed forward and realized her dream to provide entertainment and positive vibes to her viewers.

“Her authenticity and buoyant spirit serve as an inspiration and beacon of hope for everyone. Her vlogs and social media reach also become a vehicle for her altruistic deeds. Laude contributes to society not only through responsible and wholesome videos but also through her outreach programs.

“The Volvo Ironmark is given only to a select few. Since 2012, this honor has been accorded to individuals whose contributions spell a difference in their industry in particular and in society in general. It is a stamp of appreciation acknowledging the awardees’ significant efforts to make the world become more vibrant, meaningful and strong.

“According to Christopher Lee Yu, Volvo PH’s Marketing Director: ‘Volvo Cars has been a brand for people who care about our world and the people around us. Our mission is to make life easier, better and safer for everyone. We believe these core qualities are mirrored by Small Laude’s effervescent personality, generous heart, and genuine care for her family, friends and followers.’”

Let’s have more of Small Laude’s kind, please?

PEE STOP The longest vacation (April 5-10) of the year has more than re-charged our batteries. Let’s then report to work with new vigor and a renewed resolve to resume our job of making this country great again.   

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