PSC ‘Rise Up, Shape Up’ episode on information, media workers


THE Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) joins the UNESCO’s World Development Information Day celebration with a special episode of “Rise Up, Shape Up” featuring select media workers and personalities on Saturday.

PSC Commissioner Celia Kiram said that information and effective dissemination are vital to improving the day-to-day lives of Filipinos.

“Factual information is very important now and always, especially now that we are in a global health crisis,” Kiram said. “We want to honor the people doing a great job in disseminating information with integrity and reliability.”

In this episode, “Rise Up, Shape Up” goes on a hike on Mt. Batolusong, also known as Mt. Susong Dalaga, in Jalajala, Rizal ,with influencers Renz Marcelino and Aliyah Bianca Dio, film director Enzo Manago, sports editor Jasmine Payo and broadcast correspondent Pauline Verzosa.

“We are grateful for the cooperation and partnership extended to us by friends in the information and media industry,” Kiram said. “The episode will also demonstrate how a mindful walk in nature can be beneficial for the fitness of the body and mind.”

Kiram will also discuss a brief history of trekking in the “K-Isport” segment.

The episode will also present tips and benefits of mindful walking to be discussed by Eileen Tupaz, a mindfulness advocate, meditation teacher,and co-founder of WhiteSpace Mind and Body Wellness Studio.

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