PSC holds IP Games event in Sarangani


THE Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) diverse grassroots sports program continued amid the pandemic with a three-day pre-recording of the Indigenous Peoples (IP) Games in Sarangani.

Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) Commissioner and Project Head Charles Raymond Maxey led a small group in conducting the program under closed coordination with Provincial Tribal Chieftain Fulung Edmund Pangilan and Municipal IP Mandatory Representative Makabatog Monard Galgo at the Lamlifew Village Museum and Blaan School of Living Traditions in Malungon, Sarangani.

The event was part of the Quincentennial Commemorations in the Philippines celebration that was supported by the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples and Pocari Sweat.

“Filipinos’ awareness of traditional games and culture of the IP is a major accomplishment of the PSC,” Maxey said. “Focus and attention will now be provided for diversities and equality.”

Traditional games by Blaam Indigenous Peoples like sfaltu (long jump), skuya kura (horse racing), sumpit and pana were in full displayed with Blaan elders performing kmisong (fire making) using coconut husk or dried wood coir and split bamboo.

PSC officials were warmly welcomed by the Blaan Indigenous Cultural Community through the indigenous welcome dance called Aral Kafi (Blaan Eagle Dance) held at the Kalonbarak Skyline Ridge in Malungon.

Maxey also distributed 500 basketballs, volleyballs and footballs to Constantino as well as 400 sets of abaca bags, bamboo notebooks, ballpens, personalized PSC notepads and face towels.

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