Pru Life UK allows access to global stock market


LIFE insurer Pru Life UK Philippines Inc. launched its PRULink Global Equity Navigator Fund, a diversified fund that provides access to global stock markets using Philippine peso.

Pru Life UK Vice President for Investment Marketing Mark Anthony Valino said last Thursday this fund seeks to provide investors with a combination of income and capital growth over the medium to long term.

The fund primarily invests in various equities around the world through exchange-traded funds, direct equities, index futures and derivatives.

It may also invest in fixed income securities and money market instruments issued or guaranteed by the US government, its agencies and instrumentalities.

Structured as a feeder fund, it also invests in Global Equity Navigator Fund Class D managed by Eastspring Investments.

Valino said what sets this fund apart from other global equity funds is the multifactor investment strategy that they use.

“[What is] common to equity funds is to focus only one factor, say it’s blue chips,” he said. “What we are driving at as a source of returns would be actually five. We don’t want our customers to be fully exposed in certain conditions, especially when there is a downward trend, but it’s more of a stable way of investing,” Valino said.

He also said this is the perfect time to invest in a fund, especially now that economic conditions have started to improve.

“Global Equity Navigator Fund is primarily invested in stocks and as an asset, stocks generally perform well under economic recovery because business activities and overall spending actually improve. From a long-term perspective, this is an opportune time actually to build wealth while economic conditions have just started to get better,” he said.

New and existing Pru Life UK policyholders may avail of the fund.

Starting November 8, 2021, the fund may also be attached to any of the firm’s Philippine-peso denominated investment-linked life insurance products.

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