Protocol On How To Avail Financial Assistance To Stranded Students


The Provincial Government of Surigao del Norte shared its resources to stranded Surigaonons aside from the many initiatives being implemented to help curb the effect of this COVID pandemic.

Below is the protocol on the availment of Financial Assistance to Stranded Surigaonons:

  1. The stranded resident of Surigao del Norte shall call his relative/s to go to their concerned Mayor to ask help for financial assistance from the Municipality/City and the Province.
  2. The Mayor concerned shall write a Letter-request for Financial Assistance to Gov. Francisco T. Matugas detailing therein at least the following data:

a.) Complete name of the stranded person;
b.) Complete address of the stranded person in Surigao del Norte;
c.) City/Municipality and Province where the stranded person is currently staying;
d.) Occupation of the stranded person;
e.) Amount that the Mayor will give the stranded person as their counterpart;
d.) Undertaking that the Mayor will allow entry of the stranded person in his/her city/municipality if said stranded person will be allowed later by the national government to go home in our Province.

  1. The letter shall be emailed by the Mayor’s Office at

  1. Our Siargao Command Center (being the host of HEALS 911 Communication Center) will then email to Mainland Command Center the approved letter-request for the incharge to process the financial assistance subject to the compliance of the pertinent laws, rules and regulations.

“Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others.” —Booker T. Washington


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