Propmech says ready to work with govt to transform domestic maritime industry


Philippine-based shipbuilder Propmech Corporation is able and ready to support the government’s initiative to transform the country as the “Maritime Capital of the World,” citing its experience, network, expertise and infrastructure.

“Our commitment to supporting the Philippine government’s efforts to strengthen its maritime defense capabilities remains steadfast. We are ready to contribute our expertise and resources to help make the Philippines the Maritime Capital of the World,” said Glenn Tong, director of Propmech Corporation.

The Department of Transportation (DOTr) recently said the country intends to become the maritime seat of the world, and part of this plan is to modernize domestic shipping and expand its shipbuilding and repair capabilities.

The strategy also includes the development of a marine industrial park, marine environment protection, development of inland waterway networks and corrective actions on multiple levels to address the assessment findings from the European Commission and the independent evaluators of the International Maritime Organization.

Propmech said it is ready to support the government’s plan through its vast experience as a local marine solutions provider that includes defense and security.

“Propmech Corporation is eager and ready to support this ambitious plan with its proven track record of supporting the Philippine Armed Forces, including the Navy, Coast Guard, Marines as well as the Philippine National Police [PNP], through the development and maintenance of vessels used in various missions,” the company said.

It cited some of the vessels as the LCU (Landing Utility Craft), a vessel designed for moving troops, vehicles and equipment to far flung areas; the PNP and Marine high-speed attack craft and Coast Guard aluminum patrol boats.

In the Navy, Propmech has delivered the signature Multi-Purpose Attack Craft (MPAC).

The first batch of MPACs was delivered to and commissioned in the Navy in April 2009, and since then the MPACs racked up hundreds of mission hours ranging from rescue to logistics to combat, and has undergone several iterations to date.

Acting on the Navy’s feedback from several missions, Propmech was able to continuously improve each MPAC model.

Currently, there are three models of the MPAC and 12 units are in the Navy’s service.

The MPAC has proven to be a reliable and versatile vessel in various applications, including counterterrorism and territorial defense.

Propmech was founded 70 years ago and during the stringent lockdowns of the pandemic in 2020, it managed to provide regular maintenance work to the Navy’s various vessels in order to keep their operational readiness.