PNR to halt operations during Holy Week for annual maintenance work


The Philippine National Railways (PNR) will temporarily stop its operations from April 6 to April 9 to fix its tracks and train sets. 

In a statement, the PNR management said the office decided to stop its operations during the celebration of Holy Week to give way for the line’s annual maintenance. 

“The PNR decided to schedule the yearly maintenance during the Holy Week so that the temporary suspension of operations will not affect its daily passengers,” the statement read in Filipino. 

It will continue to operate up until April 5, Holy Wednesday. 

As part of its preparations for the Holy Week, the PNR will deploy additional personnel and facilities to ensure the safety of passengers and its smooth operations. 

It will be deploying help desks in each station to assist passengers and respond to emergency situations. The PNR will also deploy a nurse at the Tutuban station. 

Furthermore, the PNR will also deploy track walkers along its train tracks. 

Image credits: Philippine National Railways/Facebook