PHL protests 200 ‘unlawful’ radio challenges by Chinese vessels vs Filipino authorities on patrols


THE Philippine government on Wednesday sent China yet another diplomatic protest, citing the “unlawful issuance” of 200 radio challenges and sounding of sirens by Chinese government vessels against Philippine authorities on “legitimate” patrols in the West Philippine Sea.

Late Wednesday, the Department of Foreign Affairs said such acts by Beijing’s state vessels “threaten the peace” in the South China Sea.

The DFA said in a statement it has “protested the unlawful issuance of 200 radio challenges, sounding of sirens and blowing of horns by Chinese government vessels against Philippine authorities conducting legitimate, customary and routine patrols over and around the Philippines’s territory and maritime zones.”

The DFA added that, “These provocative acts threaten the peace, good order and security of the South China Sea and run contrary to China’s obligations under international law.”

In June, when some 200 Chinese vessels were spotted in several locations within the Philippines’s maritime territory, the DFA had said it would file a protest “for every day” that the Chinese boats do not leave.

It was not clear what particular incident prompted the DFA to file the wholesale protest against the 200 radio challenges and siren sounding cases.

Image courtesy of Philippine Coast Guard via AP

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