PBBM welcomes new envoys, sees closer ties with Chile, Qatar, Brunei and Malaysia


President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. said the country is eyeing to boost its disaster response, energy security, and revenue generation with its “enhanced” partnership with Chile and Qatar.

The President added he expects to secure more assistance from Malaysia and Brunei for the development in Mindanao through stronger diplomatic relations with both countries.

Marcos made the pronouncements during the presentation of credentials of the new ambassadors from Chile, Qatar, Malaysia and Brunei in Malacañang on Thursday.

Better energy, revenue source

During the event, Chilean Ambassador Alvaro Domingo Jara Bucarey shared how they are modifying their energy production from fossil fuels towards renewable sources using new technologies, which drew the interest of the President.

“With solar energy we have been able to modify the energy production in Chile. And we would like to see the north of Chile…there is a lot of presence, tourism mostly but they have an immense potential for energy generation,” Bucarey said.

Marcos said he is now pushing for more government-to-government collaboration and public private partnerships (PPPs) with Chile.

While talking with Qatar Ambassador Ahmed Saad Nasser Abdullah Al-Hamidi, the President said he wanted to learn more about how the Qatari government “moved away from the traditional sources of revenue to new income sources.”

“It will be a great advantage to the Philippines if it can learn the best practices from Qatar, especially in the area of revenue and income generation,” Marcos said.

Development efforts

Marcos also received the credentials of Brunei Ambassador Megawati Dato Paduka Haji Manan and Malaysian Ambassador Dato Abdul Malik Melvin Castelino Bin Anthony.

The President credited Malaysia and Brunei for the ongoing peace in Mindanao through economic development.

He noted the increase in economic activity has discouraged inhabitants in the region from further engaging in secessionist activities.

Manan has committed to increase the level of their economic support in the country’s southern region.

“We hope that we will branch out, you know, expand the existing cooperation to give some—a little bit more opportunities for the south side,” Manan said.

Anthony also gave a similar commitment in helping sustain progress in Mindanao.