PBBM urges local lawmakers to back administration’s priority measures


President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. on Thursday rallied support from local legislators for the passage of the administration’s legislative priorities, especially measures aimed at empowering local government units (LGUs).

During the National Convention 2023 of the Philippine Councilors League (PCL) at the World Trade Center in Pasay City, Marcos said the proposed laws will be beneficial for the operations of local government units (LGU) and their constituents.

“It is your obligation to give life, meaning, and substance to the constitutional mandate of local autonomy and decentralization of powers, you are also endowed to engage in meaningful discussions on matters involving local legislative concerns,” Marcos said.

“With this, I am hopeful that you will support the passage of the Administration’s legislative priorities, particularly measures that aim to capacitate local government units,” he added.

Among the said legislation is the E-governance act, which aims to make government transactions more convenient with the institutionalized “digitalization in the bureaucracy.”

Marcos also lobbied for PCL support for the amendment to the Build-Operate-Transfer Law to address “ambiguities, bottlenecks, and other challenges” in the provisions of the said legislation.

“This will empower you to participate more actively in BOT projects as the proposed amendments will streamline the guidelines and eliminate uncertainties that limit your participation in Public-Private Partnerships,” the President said.

To further boost investor interest in LGUs, Marcos is also pushing for the passage of the National Land Use Act and the Tax Package 3, or the Valuation Reform Bill.

The Land Use Act, Marcos said, will help LGUs to allocate land resources to achieve food security, determine hazardous areas, delineate protected areas, and identify areas for settlement, for commercial, for industrial, and for infrastructural uses.

Meanwhile, the Tax Package 3 will “broaden the tax base used for property and property-related taxes of the national and local governments.”

Last, Marcos also sought the backing of the PCL in the passage of the Waste Treatment Technology Act to mandate LGUs “to promote, encourage, and implement a comprehensive solid waste management program.”

The President assured the national government will continue to push for more policies, which will be beneficial for PCL members.

“Please be assured that this Administration is one with you in formulating, implementing, and coordinating programs and projects that are beneficial to the PCL and of course to the Filipino people,” Marcos said.