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PBBM calls for prudence in use of govt resources

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PRESIDENT Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. called for “prudence” in the use of government funds and assets due to “scarcity of resources.”

During the courtesy call of Manila local officials in Malacañang last Wednesday, Marcos emphasized the importance of coordination between the national and local government to “reduce wastages” in their operations.

“So we have to be very careful [on] how we deploy what resources that we have. And again to maximize those resources we have to be in very close coordination, both the national government and local government such as the City of Manila,” the President said.

He also reiterated the statement when the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) presented to him Philippine banknotes bearing his signature and new coin series with the BSP logo.

“Be assured that it is the policy of this administration, to ensure that every peso and every centavo that the government spends in its programs and projects will be to the benefit of all Filipinos,” Marcos said.

The Chief Executive made the pronouncements after the Department of Health (DOH) reported 44 million novel coronavirus disease (Covid-19) vaccines were wasted due to natural disasters, temperature excursions, and discolorations.

The statement also comes as the country’s outstanding debt as of September soared to P13.52 trillion.

Marcos said the government could save resources and by eliminating duplications in its operations.

“And that’s why it is extremely important that the local government and the national government work very, very closely so that we maximize all our efforts to alleviate the problems that our people face—the rising cost of food, fuel,” Marcos said.

Image credits: AP/Julia Nikhinson

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