‘Online sellers must monitor social media’


Online retailers need to target their customers in social media platforms by adapting to trends and monitoring their behavior in the digital space, omnichannel solutions provider Hatch said.

In an interview with the BusinessMirror, Hatch CEO and Founder Joris Kroese said the social commerce strategy of businesses should consider which social media platform is best suited for marketing their products online.

Social commerce refers to the use of social media to promote, buy and sell products and services.

“Creating an effective social commerce strategy shouldn’t be difficult, but it does require thoughtful consideration of a brand’s target market from beginning to end,” he said. “This means first ensuring the platforms in use are being harnessed to target the right demographics —TikTok might make sense for a brand reaching out to Gen-Zers but not so much for a brand selling domestic home appliances to a target demographic of older millennials.”

Kroese said there is a need for brands to check on which platforms their target customers spend most of their time, in addition to paying attention to social media trends “so that they know how best to capture their attention.”

Citing a report, the Hatch official said nearly half of consumers will not even transact with the brand of their choice if they are not present in their preferred channels. He said this proves that social media has become a crucial channel that online retailers need to recognize for overall business sustainability.

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