One Siayan Brgy. Capt. Killed; Suspected Gunmen, Arrested– Related to Sindangan’s Gurrea Case?


After the province was shaken with the Gurrea incident in the town of Sindangan, another public servant was killed at its neighboring town, Siayan, Zamboanga del Norte on the afternoon of June 20, 2019.

The victim identified as Brgy. Mangilay’s Brgy. Chairman Venecer Sangcaon Marindoque, of Siayan, who sustained gunshot wounds on different parts of his body and his head, causing his immediate death.


Through the help of the eyewitnesses, authorities conducted their initial investigation that a hot pursuit operation pushed through by Siayan and Sindangan Municipal Police Stations.


Successfully, all 3 suspects were arrested at Brgy. Dicuyong, Sindangan, after a chase has been done. Suspects reportedly ran to a creek and hid themselves in a manhole.

Recovered from the arrested were 1 unit ARMSCOR cal.45, 5 high cap magazines, 31 live ammunitions, MK2 hand grenade; 2 M14 magazines, 76 different kinds of live ammos, 112 different kinds of empty shells and 3 packs OG Thunder Triangle.

Authorities are now looking on the possible relevance of the two shooting incidents in the towns of Sindangan and Siayan, with victims SB Member DonDon Gurrea, and Brgy. Mangilay Chairman Venecer Marinduque, and that the arrested suspected gunmen are those responsible with all the shooting incidents transpired in their area.

Meanwhile, Marindoque’s family asked the NBI’s assistance to file a case against the suspects and to know who is behind the death of Brgy. Mangilay’s Chairman whether reasons be personal or political.




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