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‘No proof yet of variant, but Cebu Covid spike alarming’

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A MEMBER of the OCTA Research group on Thursday said there is still no “evidence” that the sudden rise in Covid-19 cases in Cebu City can be attributed to the B117 or the new UK variant.

In a media forum of the Department of Health (DOH), Professor Guido David said the rising incidence in Cebu “does not have evidence support” of links to the new variant.

Although there might be a “possibility” this is, at this moment “it is not yet confirmed” pending results of the samples sent to Philippine Genome Center.

He noted that the cases in Cebu City per day are averaging at 123 with a daily attack rate of 11.11 per 100,000 population.

The other cities in Cebu province are also recording high numbers of cases per day, like in Lapu- Lapu with 34, and Mandaue with 28.

The average cases in Cebu City per month also soared to 129 in February from 51 in January.

Just on February 10, Cebu City recorded more than 200 cases, Guido said.

“The trend is upward, the trend has not stopped increasing. This is worrisome,” he said.

“We have to be vigilant in Cebu for cases are increasing,” Guido said, adding that if the trend will continue, there is a possibility that the daily cases may even reach 300.

Image credits: AP

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