News from ‘The Nav’


HE’S all over the place specifically social media when you’re talking recruitment news in men’s college basketball, but he’s also covered professional basketball and women’s volleyball.

Naveen Ganglani is a sports journalist for a major news outlet and his way of informing the public and telling a story is through “breaking news” of schools, colleges and universities’ major recruiting coups and information that gets to you before even the news cycle begins.

He’s worked hard to establish professional, working, and personal relationships with team officials, coaches and student athletes putting a premium on trust that timing is everything when releasing information for the public’s consumption.

It all started in 2014 when Naveen did a piece on former De La Salle University (DLSU) women’s volleyball standout and current F2 Logistics star Aby Marano and the rest, as they say, is history.

Safe to say Naveen has seen it all in the recruitment of blue chip student athletes as it used to be just a scholarship then.

One can’t help but pull for student athletes who come from financially challenged families who are in hardship who’ve had to work their tails off both in the classroom and in the court or on the field.

The DLSU Psychology major isn’t one dimensional as he has other gigs aside from breaking news and stories. Naveen also has their family business and video games he analyses giving his two cents worth of recommendations.

All things recruitment isn’t a job for Naveen because it’s something he’s passionate about and he’ll also give you a good analysis why it’s a huge pick up and maybe some points to consider about whether maybe the team or teams could’ve done better.

Have we seen a plateau on breaking news about college recruitment since I don’t see anything that’ll surpass social media in terms of information dissemination?

I don’t have to tell you where to reach “The Nav” or where he can be seen or heard, just look him up on your favorite search engine and you won’t have to look too far for your healthy dose of sports news.

These days aside from breaking men’s college basketball recruitment news, Naveen also has his own podcast “The Navs Effect” and his initial foray into sports broadcasting as an analyst and doing play by play for Pinoy Liga games and his usual pieces on the National Basketball Association.

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