New Filipiniana book


HOW well do you know the Filipino?  If you are a Filipino, largely the Filipino refuses to be defined, to be discussed about, to be boxed in, or to be pinned down. But there is a more relaxed, more convenient yet more absorbing, more provocative way of knowing the Filipinos, especially during these pandemic times.

A new book by Visitacion “Chit” R. de la Torre, one of the country’s more seasoned writers and book authors, offers a new pair of lens to view the Filipino.  Rising with the Filipino, in coffee table book edition, features a diverse, multi-faceted dimension of the Filipino, in his past, present and future journeys in the making of this nation.

Rising with the Filipino, in brief, incisive essays and complemented by photographs and art works, presents a unique voice, a new perspective in understanding and appreciating the Filipino.

Among the essays included in the book’s eight chapters include:  “The Filipino Sense of Maganda,” “Engaging the Highly Mobile Class,” “Philippine Politics/Governance,” “Staying Sane When the World is Falling Apart,” “Clearing-Up Some Pollution,” “The First Woman Contemplative Missionary in the Philippines,” “The Grace of Fatima,” and “The City of Santiago de Compostela,” among others. 

De la Torre has previously written some Filipiniana works, such as Filipino Cultural Symbols, Expressions and Brands, The Ilocos Heritage, Cultural Icons of the Philippines, Lipa: A Jewel of a City, The Barong Tagalog, The Millennium Edition; Churches of Pangasinan, Advertising in the Philippines, and The Filipino Child,  among others.

Rising with the Filipino is published by Brown Movement for Cultural Advancement Inc., a non-profit organization which aims to preserve, to promote and to enhance the Filipino cultural genius, composed by a group of professionals and cultural advocates.

More information is available at 8815-4938, 8815-6925 or

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