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Mayor Sara Signed An Executive Order On Unified List Of Requirements For Travel Within Davao City

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Davao City –  Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte, signed Executive Order (E.O.) 63-A Series of 2020, identifying the unified list of requirements for travel within Davao City for both Authorized Persons Outside Residence (APORs) and NON-APORs, as required by the JTF Covid Shield and the local government unit (LGU). Its implementation takes effect immediately.

The mayor signed E.O. 63 Series of 2020, also known as “An Order Providing The Guidelines Of Davao City As A Restricted Local Government Unit ” on November 13, and its implementation took effect on Wednesday, November 18.

In E.O. 63, a separate list of requirements from the JTF Covid Shield and the LGU was stated. Duterte said, “There is a need to seek the assistance of Joint Task Force (JTF) COVID Shield for the enforcement of Authorized Persons Outside Residence (APOR) and NON-APOR travel into Davao City to insulate other Local Government Units (LGUs) from the effect of the surging cases in the city, as well as to further protect the residents of Davao City.”

Section 1 of E.O. 63-A identifies the APOR as health and emergency frontline services personnel; government officials, employees, government frontline personnel; duly-authorized Humanitarian Assistance Actors (HAAs); and those coming in for work or business and going home. APORs need to present the following:

company/office ID and certificate of employment or principal acknowledgment of labor/service (for those without employer-employee relationship); company/office travel order; and hotels and other similar accommodation establishments confirmation (Authorized Persons Outside Residence or APOR cannot stay in the houses of Davao City residents), if staying for more than one day).

Those coming to Davao City via land travel from Visayas and Luzon must also present the three requirements mentioned above plus a 24-hour to 72-hour RT-PCR negative test from the date of arrival or they could get tested upon arrival. Aside from these four requirements, all domestic and international flight passengers arriving here need to also bring a medical certificate clearance and a roundtrip ticket.

However, if the APOR is staying for over 14 days or residing permanently in the city, a mandatory 14-day hotel/home quarantine is required before reporting back to work. Employers will shoulder the employee’s quarantine expenses.

Persons who will access medical, dental, or allied medical services with one driver and one assistant must present a certification of travel from a doctor, dentist, hospital, medical or allied medical institution while those seeking humanitarian assistance, accessing national government agency/office service or picking up a plane passenger must have a travel confirmation from the Davao City Government. The registration must be submitted at least five days before the intended date of arrival.

Travelers may fill out the specific forms via these links (for those using public transportation) (https://forms.gle/FLHJBJWYDr6YNkxQ8) or for those with private vehicles (https://forms.gle/Xw96TMv3KwHZrNuf6)) and present the ID used to register for a Travel Confirmation Pass.

Persons residing outside Davao City taking their flights at the Davao International Airport only need to present a confirmed plane ticket while those who are going to other cities and municipalities, the JTF Covid Shield will require a travel pass-through permit from the LGU/PNP of origin and JTF COVID Shield.

Meanwhile, arriving bus, van, and airplane passengers who are bound for another LGU must show a 24 to 72-hour RT-PCR negative test result upon arrival and confirmation from destination LGU of pick-up vehicle, or confirmation of public transportation arrangements from airport or bus terminal to destination LGU, or travel confirmation of private transportation pick-up.

Also, all returning Davao City residents (by land, air, or sea) including LSIs, OFs, and OFWs are required to present a 24 to 72-hour RT-PCR negative result upon arrival or they must be swab tested upon arrival, and undergo a mandatory 14-day home quarantine.

Returning Davao City residents frequently traveling by air (Mindanao travel) and land for work/business must have a company/office travel order (work/business) and an ID with a Davao City address, or document with a Davao City address and ID (for return from domicile), and the current month RT-PCR negative test result if available.

Section 2 of the E.O. states that those not mentioned as APORs, as cited in Section 1 Letters A to K. of E.O. 63-A, are considered non-APORs and will need to: have a travel authority and travel confirmation from Davao City Government and the travel registration must be submitted at least five days before arrival;

Travelers may fill out registration forms via these links (for those taking public transportation) (https://forms.gle/FLHJBJWYDr6YNkxQ8) or for those coming in private transportation (https://forms.gle/Xw96TMv3KwHZrNuf6)

The ID used to register for a travel confirmation should be presented; and paid confirmation in Hotels and other similar accommodation since non-APORs can’t stay for over one day in a Davao City residence.

A patient being transported by an ambulance has no requirements to comply but the vehicle needs to stop at checkpoints to determine the presence of a patient and take the details of the ambulance

On top of the requirements provided by Sections 1 and 2, travelers are mandated to also comply with the Safe Davao QR (DQR) use upon its implementation scheduled today, November 23. (City Information Office)

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