Mayor Peña denies involvement in death of Arles, Malabor, and in illegal drugs


Moises Padilla Mayor Magdaleno “Magsie” Pena belied accusations that he was involved in the killing of Judge Henry Arles and Provincial Board Member Renato Malabor Sr.

Peña, in a press conference in Pulupandan also denied involvement in illegal drugs, saying he is spending his own money in fighting the menace.

“I can say this before men and God that I had no conflict with (former Negros Occ. board member) Nato (Malabor). He was never a threat to me…,” the former Pulupandan mayor said.

Malabor was shot dead some four years ago in Isabela.

He also denied any involvement in the ambush of Judge Henry Arles on April, 2012 in Ilog town.

“I had no conflict with Judge Arles. I had nothing to do with his death. Why accuse me?,” Peña said.

As to his alleged involvement in illegal drugs, the mayor told reporters it is only a propaganda by those who are really into drugs.

He said that since he was just a child their family already had riches. His parents, he said already had farm lands and businesses that are still flourishing up to now.

He also said he did not and will not get involved in illegal drugs, saying he hates illegal drugs that is why he had spent a lot of his own and his family’s money in funding anti-illegal drug surveillance sorties and busts.

The mayor named several retired and active military and police officers, and civilians he said are making up stories to discredit him in the hope of distracting and stopping him from fighting drugs, “because they are the ones involved in drugs”.

Peña said while he does not tolerate anyone involved in drugs, he also does not deal with those in drugs.

He said he even severed a multi-million-peso business deal because he found out that his partner-to-be in the business is in President Rodrigo Duterte’s drug list.

Peña said a certain Mariani Salazar who made the allegations against him is not known to him, adding that contrary to her statement, he is not a coffee drinker and she had never been in his company.

Peña also denied Salazar’s statement that he has ordered the killing of several people.

On the alleged “ambush me” allegation against him regarding his ambush years ago that killed one of his bodyguards and wounded him, Peña said he is not a fool to put his own life and his men’s at stake, adding that communist rebels did it.* (Arman P. Toga, NDB)

Mayor Peña (in long sleeves), and the husband of Mariani Salazar, and Salazar’s aunt who also happens to be the wife of Peña’s bodyguard who got killed when Peña was ambushed * (APT photos)

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