Mayor Issues Order For Home Isolation


Bacolod City – Mayor Evelio Leonardia pushed for the implementation of home supervised isolation of COVID-19 patients to address the rapidly filling up of quarantine facilities.

Leonardia issued Executive Order No. 28 series of 2021 which established the guidelines for hospital-supervised home isolation of asymptomatic, mild or moderate COVID-19 cases in the city.

He said the recent surge in COVID-19 cases affected human resources for health, particularly isolation facilities and equipment.

Leonardia also said that the clinical behavior of COVID-19 is unpredictable and continuous monitoring of patients is a necessity.

Hospital-supervised home isolation for patients will help decongest hospital beds and ensure professional medical care and generate income opportunities for medical professionals.

The mayor stated in his EO that only medical institutions may apply for accreditation through the EOC-TF by presenting guidelines and procedures, costs and other necessary details for home-based patient care, including provisions for adequate medical personnel to attend to daily patient monitoring, diagnostic procedures, medication, daily visits or web-based consultation.

Meanwhile, the Department of Health logged 96 new cases for Bacolod City as of May 26, 2021. All were local transmission.

The data also indicated 46 new recoveries and 4 deaths.

Bacolod has a total of 9,136 cases, with 1,155 active cases.

Meanwhile, 28,076 Bacolodnons were vaccinated for their first dose while 4,416 already got their second dose, for a total of 32,492 Bacolodnons vaccinated.
(Dolly Yasa via via The Daily Guardian (TDG), photo courtesy of TDG)


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