Marcos says he will cut down on overseas trips for the rest of the year


After going on eight official foreign trips in the first seven months of his term, President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. said he will be limiting his travels this year. 

In an exclusive panel interview with television networks last Monday, Marcos said his only “confirmed” trip this year will be the next Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) in November.   

Since assuming the presidency last July, Marcos had traveled to Indonesia, Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand, United States, Belgium and Switzerland, to attend the 2023 World Economic Forum (WEF). 

Marcos said during these trips he was able to secure investment pledges and agreements with other countries. 

“That is why we have to consolidate, follow up on those [parties] we talked to. We have seen many MOUs (memorandum of understanding), which we signed but ended up with nothing. The MOU is the just the first step before it can lead into an actual project,” Marcos said. 

Marcos said his trips helped him get acquainted with other state leaders and boost investment confidence in the country.  

He said it may take some time before concrete gains, particularly those involving investments, are realized.

The President pointed out the even if just a few of the deals are implemented, it will more than compensate for the cost of the trips.  

Marcos was unable to disclose the amount spent for his overseas trips but assured the public his administration will be “accountable and transparent” with expenses.  

As for the members of the Philippine delegates at the WEF, he noted most of them are members of the private sector and security, while the rest are Cabinet members and their staff.

Image credits: AP/Markus Schreiber