Manila traffic jams to be solved by provincial progress–Marcos


PRESIDENT Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. said on Sunday that continuous development of nearby provinces and cities, fostering economic growth beyond the capital city and self discipline are the top three solutions to alleviate traffic congestion in Metro Manila.

In a video blog on Sunday, Marcos admitted that the nation has long grappled with severe traffic congestion, with recent holidays seeing a significant increase in inbound and outbound traffic from Metro Manila, exacerbating the already challenging situation.

Despite numerous attempts by previous administrations to address this issue, he said traffic congestion has remained a daily struggle for Filipinos, and the pursuit of solutions should never cease, whether you’re a commuter or a private vehicle owner.

According to the President, Metro Manila remains congested, prompting plans to develop nearby provinces and cities.

“While infrastructure projects such as bridges, flyovers, skyways, subways, and train systems continue to be constructed, alongside efforts to develop neighboring provinces and cities such as Bulacan, Pampanga, Cavite, and Laguna, the population and number of vehicles on the road continue to increase,” he said.

Enhancements to roads and bridges leading to these areas are ongoing, as well as improvements to airports, which will help disperse opportunities beyond Metro Manila, he added.

Marcos also acknowledged that these are long-term endeavors, and their immediate impact may not be fully felt.

He urged the public to exercise patience, emphasizing that the completion of these projects will ultimately lead to a significant improvement in the traffic situation.

“However, these are long-term projects, and their effects won’t be immediately felt. Patience is key, as the completion of these projects will undoubtedly improve our situation,” Marcos added.

Moreover, the President highlighted the need for enhanced discipline among motorists and commuters.

“Some may argue that even outside Metro Manila, traffic remains a challenge, and this is true. Areas that haven’t caught up with infrastructure development struggle with dilapidated roads and ineffective local traffic laws. More than a lack of roads, what plagues Filipinos is a lack of discipline. Adherence to traffic rules, regardless of whether roads are new or old, is essential,” he said.

Marcos said giving way to others on the road should be second nature, and the “Bagong Pilipino” should be disciplined, courteous, and respectful on the streets.

Marcos said this transformation must begin within the government.

“Abuse and disregard for traffic laws should not be tolerated, as public servants are sworn to uphold the law and serve the nation. All government agencies must lead by example in fostering discipline on our roads,” he added.

Image credits: Nonoy Lacza

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