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Makabayan: Resume GRP-NDFP peace talks

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THE Makabayan bloc at the House of Representatives has called for the resumption of peace talks between the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP).

House Deputy Minority leader and ACT Teachers party-list Rep. France Castro filed a resolution to support the continuation of the GRP-NDFP peace process, which she said already went through several milestones.

She cited among the major developments in the negotiations at that time was the common draft of the Comprehensive Agreement on Social and Economic Reform (CASER), which would have “addressed the causes of the armed conflict.”

The CASER includes provisions on “land reform and rural development and on national industrialization and economic development.”

“The breakthroughs in the peace negotiations have generated much support among our people, including members of Congress,” Castro said.

During the 18th Congress, she said 130 members of the House of Representatives backed the peace talks.

But before the CASER could be signed, President Rodrigo R. Duterte decided to terminate the peace talks in 2017 due to the alleged continued attacks of communist forces against government military amid the then ongoing negotiations.

Castro blamed the decision of Duterte to “sabotage by the militarists and opponents of basic socioeconomic and political reforms.”

She said the current administration should complete the negotiations.

“No amount of fake news, red tagging and presentation of fake surrenderees can change the fact that there are glaring inequalities present in Philippine society. If these are not addressed then it will only worsen until the present oppressive and exploitative system is replaced by a more just and humane one,” Castro said.

Castro filed the resolution following the death of Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) founder Jose Maria Sison last December 16.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) said the death of Sison will pave the way for peace talks with local units of the CPP.

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