LinkedIn’s list: Positions needing lifelong learning most in demand


AS millions of Filipinos struggle to find jobs in a tight economy, LinkedIn’s Jobs on the Rise List showed that positions in high demand are those that encourage workers to be lifelong learners.

The most in-demand jobs are Clinical Research Associate; Business Development Representatives; Insights Analyst; Delivery Specialist; Anti-Money Laundering Analyst; and Media Analyst.

The list includes Customer Success Specialist; Virtual Medical Assistant; Salesforce Consultant; Data Engineer; Security Operations Center Analyst; DevOps Engineer; Product Owner; Cloud Engineer; and Tax Associate.

“While the economy is likely to be uncertain throughout most of 2023, there are bright spots in the labor market with macro-trends such as the rapid acceleration towards greater digitalization and jobs focused on business growth powering some of the strongest opportunities for job seekers,” LinkedIn’s Career Expert Pooja Chhabria said.

“The Jobs on the Rise list provides professionals insight into the skills they need to prepare for emerging roles. Professionals must embrace lifelong learning to remain competitive and relevant in the fast-evolving  world of work,” she added.

In order to secure jobs in 2023, LinkedIn said Filipinos workers and professionals should create a standout profile on their platform; look for in-demand roles; and stay on top of the latest updates to get an edge in a competitive job market.

LinkedIn also advised workers to be interview-ready since employers will be looking for the best fit for their companies. Job seekers must also invest in themselves to be ready for today’s jobs.

“Online courses may bridge the gap when learning new skills or brushing up on existing ones. For job seekers, it’s vital to understand the skills in demand, which of your current skills are transferable and what new skills you need to learn,” LinkedIn said.

Earlier, in the results of the Labor Force Survey (LFS), the country’s employment rate reached 95.8 percent in November 2022, reaching 49.71 million employed Filipinos. The unemployment rate slowed to 4.2 percent with 2.18 million unemployed in November 2022.

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) said preparations for the holidays boosted the country’s employment numbers and brought down unemployment to its lowest level in nearly two decades.

The employment and unemployment rates were the highest in 17 years or since April 2005 when the government adopted the International Labor Organization’s (ILO’s) employment definitions. (Full story here: 23/01/06/holiday-jobs-boost-phl-employment-by-49-71m-highest-in-17-years-psa/).