Landco aims for LEED certification of its LTEs


Landco Pacific Corp., a subsidiary of Metro Pacific Investments Corp. (a Philippine-based, publicly listed investment and management company focused on infrastructure), forges ahead to pursue its vision of attaining the highly coveted Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification and sustainability initiatives of the sprawling 15-hectare Calatagan South Beach (CaSoBē) and 24-hectare Club Laiya (San Juan), its two eco-friendly, master-planned Leisure Tourism Estates (LTE) beach properties inspired by Batangas’s coastal surroundings.

The LEED rating system, developed by the US Green Building Council, is the foremost program for buildings, homes and communities that are designed, constructed, maintained and operated for improved environmental and human health performance.

Club Laiya is a 24-hectare master-planned BeachTown development located in Laiya, San Juan Batangas.

According to Mr. Erickson Y. Manzano, Landco president and CEO, “The LEED registration of our LTE in Batangas is part of our long-term and holistic commitment to economic, social and environmental sustainability program. Landco initiates this program, not to simply achieve recognition, but because it’s the right thing to do. Our focus is to leave a lasting and sustainable legacy for the next generation.”

Manzano expounded that “Landco delivers the physical and institutional infrastructure of the Beach Towns of CaSoBē and Club Laiya to preserve the seaside communities and the localities’ unique facets as tourist and leisure destinations. Our team works closely with our property architects, designers, investors, lot owners and Batangas community at large to foster green and sustainable undertakings.”

Both approximately a two to three-hour drive from Metro Manila, they feature designs focused on sustainability and provide guests with unconventional experiences and the warmth of heartfelt Filipino hospitality.

Practical strategies and solutions focused on sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, waste segregation, marketing campaign on sustainability and ethical consumption, local communities’ livelihood program on recycling materials, and opportunities for socioeconomic growth are underscored in CaSoBē and Club Laiya.

Cocoons are unconventional accommodations made of eco-friendly materials.

These LTE’s feature walkable beachside communities along the pristine white sands, with less dependence on the automobile. Robust Wi-Fi connections for Work from the Beach (WFB) set-up are in both developments. The eco-friendly properties are designed with aesthetics that remind residents and visitors on the importance of conserving marine life and working in harmony with the natural landscape of the beachside properties.

CaSoBē, which offers a relaxed and intimate beachside destination features, as an ode to the sea, modern art installations of lamp posts that resemble a whale’s skeleton or ships’ frame; roads that are essentially blue to the core; and manholes which are painted with images of sea creatures. Club Laiya is a vibrant hot spot for those who like to have an active beachside lifestyle; and socialize with friends and groups who share their interests. Both properties highlight resource-efficient designs which include LED lighting fixtures and water-efficient showers and faucets. The rooms are air-conditioned, have access to a strong Wi-Fi connection and provisions for modern comforts. Natural sunlight and air flow are also maximized for efficient use of lighting and air-conditioning.

Millennial Resorts, which is operated by sister company Landco, provides the leisure and hotel operations in these properties.  They own and operate Cocoons and Crusoe Cabins, both experiential resort accommodations which offer unique and unconventional hospitality amenities.

Laiya Beach Club with accents of natural motif as a reminder to the importance of conserving marine life.

Crusoe Cabins, situated in CaSoBē and Millennial Resorts’ flagship brand, offer contemporary rooms constructed from upcycled container vans and refreshed with rustic and beachy exteriors that blend in with the relaxing coastline of Calatagan. Cocoons, located at CaSoBē and Club Laiya, are refurbished giant concrete pipes built as pod-like rooms for an intimate and cozy overnight stay. It is iconic for its vibrantly painted murals on its exterior celebrating the diverse marine life of Calatagan and Laiya. By converting and utilizing repurposed large drainage pipes and trailers, they became Instagram-worthy accommodations complete with modern conveniences.

Patrick C. Gregorio, Landco senior consultant for Hospitality, explained that “It’s our commitment to environmental and social responsibility that drives us to think out of the box, make use of repurposed and sustainable materials and operate in ways that appeal to those who seek a unique resort experience at the same time appreciate our conservation and good corporate citizenship efforts.”

As part of a broader community, adventure seekers and visitors at Cocoons and Crusoe Cabins can take part in the resorts’ initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint by utilizing the development’s pedestrian friendly, tree-lined walkways and scenic bike lanes around the beachside properties.

Millennial Resorts guests are also provided with the option to go paperless. Check-in and check-out, requests for housekeeping services and room service maybe be done through the hotel’s proprietary Milli App. With Millennial Resorts’ resource efficient design, water reduction measures are also undertaken at Aquaria, a water park with a giant 3-story pool slide at CaSoBē and Laiya Beach Club near Club Laiya. Exciting new facilities will soon open such as Captain Barbozza restaurant and bar, Canopy and The Isle, all venues for events; and Colony, a beachside coworking space.

Landco also brings new socio-economic vitality through thriving local small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) such as restaurants, shops and water sports operators in and adjacent to the properties and new sources of employment at Millennial Resorts and these SMEs.

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