La Carlota Environmentalists Slam Cutting Down of Narra Tree at Cemetery


Concerned pro-environment La Carlota City, Negros Occidental residents discovered late Saturday afternoon the cutting of a Narra tree inside the Catholic Church’s cemetery in the city.

The tree was planted in the 1960s as attested by the son of the person who planted it there, he said, in 1967.

When residents discovered it was cut down — according to the planter’s son was barely a week ago — they checked with authorities and they found out there was no permit from the barangay, from the city and especially from DENR-CENRO.

They also reported it to the city police after which a police investigator went to the area.

They also found out that the cutting down of the national tree was ordered by the parish priest of the church in the city, reportedly due to possible harm the tree might cause to people visiting their departed loved ones inside the cemetery.

Alarmed by the illegal cutting of the 52-year-old tree, some of the pro-environment individuals also contacted the media.

The deputy city police chief also confirmed the Illegal cutting of the Narra.

The investigations are ongoing. (Arman Toga, NDB)

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