Japanese Sundays like no other at Yakumi


Solaire’s flagship Japanese restaurant, Yakumi, returns with its popular Yakumi Sunday Brunch: The Art of Shun offer that’s even harder to resist.

The well-loved and popular line up of top-tier Japanese dishes made by a team of skillful chefs led by Chef Norimasa Kosaka, will feature your favorite items with much more attention to service.

The luxe Japanese outlet steers from the self-service buffet style and does away with ala-minute service making every serving that land on your plate enticingly aromatic and delectably fresh. You can still watch as vibrant staples come to life behind the open kitchen that’s been lined by plexiglass shields for added sanitary protection.

You can anticipate a menu filled with Yakumi’s greatest hits, and new and exciting dishes that offer a wider taste of Japan. Keeping close to the Japanese culinary concept of “shun”, you can experience key seasonal ingredients at peak perfection, that have been transformed into both delicate and bold pieces of masterpieces bursting with exceptional goodness. There will be 8 stations for the buffet. A private room is dedicated to creating crisp and evenly coated tempuras, while another is for the teppan live station that’s responsible for aromatic dishes filled with savory flavors such as Okonomiyaki, fried rice and sautéed vegetables. The teppanyaki display is also just right across for fresh-off-the-grill items that you’d be eager to get your hands on. Take a few steps and you’ll find yourself face-to-face with a space for precise and beautifully sliced sashimi, together with different types of sushi like maki, temaki, and uramaki. Beside it is reserved for the traditional nigiri sushi that melts in your mouth. Seafood presence is also grander at Yakumi. An oyster station is set to satisfy your cravings for this seawater delicacy that’s filled with culinary bravado. Lastly, the yakitori – another Japanese special that takes the spotlight with a station solely for various skewer options.

For items that you’d like to enjoy together with your buffet picks, you can also order from the ala carte menu which has been translated to a single-use sheet and a QR code for a safer browsing experience. You can find items like your favorite ramen and soups, and other must-haves like sukiyaki and shabu-shabu.

Apart from the much-enjoyed Japanese mains, desserts are also another specialty in their large arsenal of gastronomic creations. Desserts take on a new look as Yakumi presents its roster of sweets in classic bento boxes. The clean birchwood planks allow the vibrancy of each type of dessert to stand out, enticing the eye and draws in the palate. One can enjoy sweet treats with Japanese flavors from the mochi of the day, a yuzu berry mille-feuille, a strawberry matcha cream puff, a green tea and azuki bean roll, and even fresh fruits. One novel attraction for this segment of the meal is the candy trolley. Various jars filled different types of Japanese candies will be on display for your picking and can be placed in candy paper bags for you to take home.

In addition, the beverage options are also revamped. Special cocktail concoctions will refresh your palate during your course or when you’ve set down your chopsticks. Hokkaido’s Brew mixes the crisp and refreshing Sapporo beer with a tinge of sweet and zingy notes; Umami Fizz highlights the botanical taste of Roku Gin with a more complex blend of sweet and sour with a hint of tartness; and Fukumi Navel enhances the mild but unique taste of shochu with fruity and almond tones with a touch of tang. Homemade non-alcoholic drinks made from matcha, aloe, red bean, and coconut are also ones to look forward to. There are also beers, wines, sake, chilled juices, and sodas as alternative options to quench your thirst.

Taste excellent Japanese flavors once again and enjoy the abundant selection of Yakumi every Sunday of the week. Yakumi Sunday Brunch: The Art of Shun is from 11:30AM to 2:30PM. Price is at Php2,988+ per person. For more details and reservations please call 8888-8888 or visit https://www.solaireresort.com.

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