Isabela City Hall No Need For Lockdown, City Mayor Tested Positive With Covid


The lockdown of Isabela City hall, in Basilan is remotely be placed under lockdown despite the local chief executive was tested positive of Covid 19.

Sitti Djalia Turabin-Hataman, City Mayor of Isabela revealed in her posted video announcement on her official facebook account over the weekend made public that she and her husband

Basilan Congressman Mujiv Hataman were tested positive of Covid-19. She however discount the possibility that the seat of the local governance will be lockdown.

The lady mayor claimed, she rarely was in City Hall for the past weeks, thus no need to put the city hall in a lockdown.

She claimed, those staffs and other individuals whom she and Congressman Hataman were with for the past weeks were also advised to go on quarantine and prepare for swab.

The lady mayor said, she and her husband decided to undergo swabbing last week after experiencing cough.

They got their results fast after they decided to have their swab samples submitted to a private laboratory in Zamboanga City and paid for it, she added.

She also admitted that they do know how they got the disease, but quick to say, they may have contacted with other people not only from Basilan, since they interact with people including visitors to the province.

“Hindi natin masabi na ito ay local transmission,” she added.

Currently, she and her husband, Congressman Hataman are on house quarantine.  The cough she had has diminished and both of them had not experienced any fever, she claimed. (OIC Roland Ramos, RPN DXXX Zamboanga)

(Source: Posted video of Mayor Sitti Djalia Turabin-Hataman her facebook account)

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