Iriga: Naga City commended by the National Meat Inspection Office Region V


In recognition of our consistent efforts and unwavering dedication to improving the local meat inspection system (LMIS), our city government has been commended by the National Meat Inspection Office Region 5 of the Department of Agriculture. This commendation was bestowed upon us earlier today during the flag-raising ceremony at the city hall grounds, coinciding with the celebration of the 30th Meat Safety Consciousness Week.

 Local Meat Inspection System (LMIS) compliance refers to the adherence to regulatory standards and protocols set by the government to ensure the safety and quality of meat products within a specific locality. It involves rigorous inspections, hygiene practices, and documentation to guarantee that meat processing and distribution meet the required health and safety criteria.

Dr. Alex Templonuevo, the Regional Technical Director of NMIS Region 5, personally presented the commendation to our city officials. Mayor Nelson Legacion praised the dedicated efforts of both the Naga City District Abattoir, led by Mr. Roberto Acabado, and the City Veterinary Office, under the leadership of Dr. Junios Elad, for their steadfast commitment to upholding the local meat inspection system.

(Source: Naga City Government )

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