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Iriga: Governor Lagman takes decisive steps against illegal quarry, dredging in Albay; approves one-month extension for thorough investigation

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Governor Atty. Edcel Grex Lagman has taken decisive action in response to the alarming findings of the ongoing investigation into illegal quarrying activities in Albay.

Upon initial assessment, the governor identified highly concerning quarrying practices in various areas of Albay, indicating significant violations of environmental laws with potential detrimental effects on ecological systems.

Governor Lagman not only acknowledges the severity of the situation but also commits to implementing the recommendations presented by the investigating team.

To address these issues, Lagman has directed the enhancement and expansion of operations by the Green Guardians. This includes increased watching, regular inspections, and actively involving the community. These measures are crucial in the Provincial Government of Albay’s (PGA) efforts to combat illegal quarrying and dredging in the province.

In addition, the governor is pushing for more effective regulatory measures, including strict permit validations and the implementation of advanced environmental monitoring systems to prevent future incidents of this nature.

Governor Lagman emphasizes the importance of active community involvement and awareness programs. In a written statement, he commits to endorsing and supporting the launch of educational campaigns and community-based monitoring initiatives, recognizing the crucial role of the community in preserving our environment.

Acknowledging the complexities uncovered during the investigation, Governor Lagman has also granted a one-month extension to ensure a thorough and comprehensive inquiry. This extension is deemed crucial to arriving at effective and lasting solutions to the identified issues.

Governor Lagman expresses confidence that the province, particularly the Albayanos, will gain a deeper understanding of the situation and collaboratively work towards more effective solutions.

On December 22, 2023, it can be recalled that the Governor instructed the Provincial Administrator, Environment and Natural Resources Officers, Provincial Legal Officer, Provincial Engineer, and Provincial Treasurer to conduct a thorough and stringent investigation into the reported illegal quarrying and dredging operations in Albay. This includes the alleged operation without quarry permits and the issuance of fake delivery receipts and transport permits.

(Source: Albay PIO Press Release)

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