Iriga: APSEMO steps up plans to relocate residents living inside Mayon’s 6-km PDZ

(Photo courtesy of Albay Provincial Information Office)

The Albay Provincial Safety and Emergency Management Office (APSEMO) has initiated another focused-group discussion for its plan on relocation program initiatives for residents living inside the 6km danger zone of Mayon Volcano.

This was during the 2nd Meeting Workshop on Land/Residential Status of Population Inside the 6KM Permanent Danger Zone (PDZ) of Mayon on April 29, 2024, spearheaded by APSEMO together with the concerned Barangay officials from various LGUs in the province.

According to APSEMO Chief Dr. Cedric Daep, the meeting was held for the validation of the previously submitted data of these officials identifying families/individuals residing within the danger zone for proper classifications.

“Ini ang 2nd FGD na pipaapod mi sa mga kapitanes na sa laog kan Mayon Volcano tanganing mavalidate mi su dating sinubmit nindang data na mga population na nasa laog kang danger zone ta may listahan na kami pati mga ngaran. Kung duman sa sinubmit nindang data, sirisay duman ang nakaistar sa 6km na may sadiring property, meaning titled property may proof of ownership. Tapos pira man duman ang nakaistar na dai sindang property sa laog pero igwa sindang property sa luwas. Tapos an pangtolo, pira man duman an nakaistar na daing property maski sain sa luwas o sa laog,” Daep stated during an exclusive interview with him.

Daep also disclosed that these classifications will be necessary to be presented especially during the anticipated Donor’s Forum as a support for the credibility of their proposal for a relocation program.

“Itong tolong ito, icoconsider mi into different components sa samuyang proposal na isusubmit sa UNDP during the donors forum, kung anong proyekto an appropriate para sainda tanganing makumbinsir ta su mga donors na talagang credible an satuyang proposal na pigsumiter sa sainda,” Daep said.

Further, he said that the data will also undergo an intensive analysis for interpretation to derive conclusions and come up with an effective relocation program that will give benefit to the affected individuals.

(Source: Albay Provincial Information Office)

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