Influence of Proflulence


IN sports business, just like in any other business, the company or organization’s identity comes from the person or persons who founded the entity and in Profluence’s case, it’s the group’s founder, Andrew Petcash.

As I conversed with the product of Boston University, one of Profluence’s core competencies is telling stories and one of the ways they do it is through their online newsletter which has a subscriber base of 28,000 and counting.

Profluence unintentionally influences their readers through facts and information. Their website says “Profluence brings together founders, investors, athletes and the smartest people in sports. Going beyond the headlines to provide the most thoughtful and useful information in the rapidly growing sports industry.”

The newsletter contains analysis, thoughts and insights on the business of sports, athletes and NIL (name, image and likeness) and an analysis of emerging trends like professional athletes investing their time and resources into sports team ownership groups.

The platform gave an insight on professional athletes buying stakes in sports ownership. In my opinion, to diversify their brand, to stay relevant in sports and sports news, and since a career in sports as a professional athlete isn’t a lifelong endeavor, wise investment decisions have to be made to make sure all that earned salary throughout the career sustains them after they’ve hung ‘em up.

Profluence and Petcash have a formidable online presence to the tune of 60,000 followers on Twitter, 15,000 on TikTok and 6,000 on Instagram. You can expect these numbers to go up as Profluence is still in its infancy.

And as we are two weeks into the new year, I wish that all the fights and games the fans want come to fruition.

I hope that Ryan Garcia doesn’t back out of his fight against Tank Davis. If Garcia dodges Davis again, Davis fights Devin Haney.

I also hope that Jon Jones makes a successful comeback in the UFC by winning the world heavyweight championship.

And that Nate Diaz either moves to Bellator or gives bare-knuckle fighting a shot in the arm and that NIL for high school student athletes becomes legal in all 50 states in the US.

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