Hong Kong OFW group supports RPN Baguio


In just a few months of operation with live facebook radio programming, RPN DZBS Baguio gains listenership from the Overseas Filipino Workers abroad.

Thus the RPNers Hong Kong is born and become active not only in the daily programs of DZBS Baguio but also in other activities in Hong Kong.

RPNers Hong Kong leaders as usual meet up with the members and soon to be members to encourage everyone to instill their important mission. One of which is reminding everyone to subscribe and follow the social media accounts and to keep supporting the Radio Philippines Network  DZBS by tuning in, in the network’s daily programs while interacting with the DJ’s and other tuners thru Facebook or youtube live by sending and receiving pieces of advice, comments, etc.  Which help to avoid or relieve stress or problems. another is to focus on preparing for their upcoming own event, and of course, joining various activities to expose the group and develop a relationship among other different Filipino organizations.

Furthermore, some RPNers supported a local artist named Jeyrick Sigmaton well known as Carrotman who came for a concert together with his band named FAB4Z. The concert was held at the Causeway bay Community Centre, Causeway bay.  Jeyrick showcased his talent, sung their original composed songs that touch many hearts and dances the Igorot dance wearing his Igorot costume.

Another event was the Bb. Tourismo Pilipinas Hong Kong 2019 hosted by the Federation of Luzon Active Group (FLAG), held at Chater Road, Central. The Cordillera Connection group where most are RPNers joined the parade and showcased their dance presentation. A lot of Filipino groups showcased each of their cultural dances during the street dancing competition. The highlight of this event is called INDAK PINOY that more than 250 dancers from the 40 different Filipino community groups danced as one at the same time which almost filled the whole Chater area with such a huge crowd. In the afternoon was the search proper for Bb. Tourismo Pilipinas Hong Kong. The 13 candidates from the different associations compete for the crown and the BB. Tourismo Pilipinas Hong Kong 2019 title.

These kinds of shows and events are not just an activity for us to participate with, but it is a way of building a united society that all co Cordilleran or Filipinos as whole to be proud of. By Phazzing Tobe, Leizl Tam-og, Laarni Delos Santos and Palmer Paleyan.

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