Hey, it’s my country, too!


HELLO! I’m getting pretty tired of all the nitpicking and judgmental diatribes of all those disaffected creatures out there who find nothing better to do than to criticize, make unfounded accusations based on hearsay, and preen about like they were the only honest, truthful, intelligent and responsible citizens of our beleaguered country. This kind of accusations upon accusations and projections of themselves has peaked, particularly now that it’s just a couple of months to national elections. Hey, it’s my country too! And if all those surveys are objective reflections of the general populace, how come I have never been surveyed, even once, in the last 20 years?

Why don’t those geniuses out there come out with practical, doable solutions to some of the ills that beset our society, and puh-leese, enough of those hypocritical calls for all dishonest, lying, and corrupt officials, elected and non-elected, in all branches of the government to step down. Honestly, if they all did, it would be nice—we would have a clean slate with not one of them left. That also goes for all those in business who are hand-in-glove with those accused of corruption—aren’t they tarred with the same brush? I could be wrong, but I sometimes wonder if all those calls for this administration to step down are not simply a case if salivating for those same positions, so that they in turn may themselves dip into the honeypot? Who are funding these orchestrated destabilizing activities?

I find it sad that we seem to be the only country whose so-called intelligentsia can find nothing good about our nation, our society, our people. For that is the reading of those outside—so that instead of attracting visitors and investors to our shores, we actually drive them away. Also, since our newspapers are in English, there’s no need to translate all the “news” about what a corrupt country we have. We wash our dirty linen in public with apparent glee.

But now, we can hope for a more enlightened voting population, with disinterested (in positions in government) people helping to share what good government should be. They go out of their way to describe what every citizen should expect from the officials they propose to elect. There are now more volunteers to counteract the temptations of goons, guns, and gold, and encouraging the voters to look at the accomplishments and qualifications of those projecting themselves as the hope of our country. Let us all declare, hey, it’s my country too!

With all those political parties coming to the fore, I sometimes feel that we should return to the old system of having only two parties, each with a real program of action, with a differentiation that they plan to accomplish. The current spate of so-called political parties are just marking out what they eventually, if elected, will claim for themselves.

Please, let us all be more intelligent. It has been said that you get the government you elect. And so, if scoundrels are elected, then indeed you get what you deserve. Let there be more citizens who can honestly say, I have chosen correctly and will make sure to follow up how they lead this country to prosperity and a culture that will make us proud of our country

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