Helping Palestinian civilians via the supermarket


GIVEN the Philippines’s strong embrace of religion, an outbreak of conflict in the Middle East — the birthplace and religious Center of Christianity, Judaism and Islam — strikes us all emotionally.

Many people have been asking the question of, “How can I help?” particularly referring to civilians suffering in Gaza, a key portion of Palestine.

The human tragedy in Gaza is staggering: As of this writing, the death toll in the past weeks has been 7,900 civilian deaths, including 2,900 children. Nearly 3,000 innocent children. So many deaths arising from the October 7, 2023 violence that continues to beget even more violence

While there are a number of charitable options appearing, there can always be a concern surrounding online donations, with people wondering if the aid really gets to those who need it most.

One simple idea that’s a sure fire, easy way to help is to “buy Palestinian.”

Like OFWs, there are a number of companies which are of Palestinian origin, employ Palestinians and hence support Palestinian families; and send goods and financial support into Palestine. 

Simply by making a wise choice in your supermarket aisle, or E-commerce site, your purchases can directly help!

One such brand which proudly has Palestinian roots is Fine. Fine is a 70-year-old company, founded by Elia Nuqul, a Palestinian refugee, who amazingly built this global company from a humble start of merely a dream and a few dollars in his pocket. 

Fine tissue products

Based dually in Jordan and UAE, Fine is the global leader in selling sterilized tissue products under the “Fine” name, from facial tissues to bath tissue and kitchen towels. 

They also have a thriving B-2-B business supplying tissue and chemical products to healthcare, hotels, restaurants and offices under the “Fine Solutions” brand.

Beyond tissue products, Fine also offers Fine Baby Diapers, Fine Care Adult diapers and incontinence products, and a line of nutritional supplements under the Motiva and Eon brands. 

Depending on your location, Fine products can be picked up in your local supermarket or pharmacy; or online globally at

Fine employs over 500 Palestinian and Palestinian-origin employees, making it one of the largest Palestinian companies in the world. 

As the Chairman of Fine, and son of the founder Mr. Ghassan Nuqul states, “We in Fine have always proudly embraced our heritage and have never forgotten our roots.  Our obligation goes beyond simply supplying high-quality products of great value; we must also support our employees, their families, and the societies we serve. We are proud to be on the forefront of helping our brothers and sisters in Gaza and sending truckloads of goods to people who desperately need our products.” 

The next time you are shopping for tissue paper or diapers or supplements and also want to help, there probably isn’t a “Finer” choice.