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He likes his sugar

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Luis Manzano is honest enough to admit that he gained weight in quarantine. Despite his regular workouts and healthy eating habits, the TV host found himself weighing in heavier than he did before because of the general lack of physical activity while sheltering.

“The stylists who work with me pointed out that I had gained weight in the nicest possible ways,” said Manzano. For people who appear on TV, a five-pound weight gain can make them appear broader. It also makes it difficult for their stylists used to getting clothes in a certain size and who already have outfits stored in those sizes.  “I believe that no matter how hard a person works out, you won’t lose weight unless you reduce your calorie intake,” said Manzano during the online event to announce his being named the new endorser of Sweet Via.

Sweet Via from Santé International is a sweetener that contains stevia and inulin. A 1g sachet of Sweet Via provides a sweeter taste to any beverage and every food recipe minus the guilt and harmful effects of too much sugar. The sweetener is available in leading Mercury Drug stores, Watsons, The Generics Pharmacy, Puregold, Lawson, The Landmark, All Day Supermarket, and on Lazada and Shopee.

Manzano now drinks his morning coffee with a sachet of Sweet Via before he starts his morning workout. “When I started using Sweet Via, I noticed my weight dropping. I can now see my chin. I’m on my eighth pound and even the stylists have noticed the weight loss,” said Manzano.

He said he needs to be extra careful about his sugar intake because diabetes runs in the family and he has a fondness for sweets.

Aside from his coffee and desserts, Manzano also uses Sweet Via on his morning cereal.

“I just turned 40 this year and what I learned as we grow older is that we must always watch what we eat. I know a lot of people who got diabetes either genetically or because of their food choices. Me, I’m really into sweets and there’s always room for so much more desserts in my life. Because of Sweet Via, I now have a healthy alternative that enables me to satisfy my cravings without putting myself at risk of diabetes and minus the guilt as well,” said Manzano.

“Luis Manzano lives the lifestyle that perfectly represents Sweet Via as he is enjoying a balanced life that is both active and healthy. We are honored to officially welcome Luis to the Santé family, and we are looking forward to all the exciting projects that we will do in collaboration with him in the months to come,” said Santé International CEO Joey Marcelo.


Buttitude is not your typical mask sheet because it’s not for the face but the butt. Each mask is packed with ingredients from Korea’s Jeju Island. These include citrus, lava seawater and volcanic ash unique to Jeju Island.

These active ingredients present in each Buttitude sheet help get rid of butt acne and other concerns.

Some of the most common butt skin problems are roughness, dryness and acne. These usually occur because of neglect or poor skin care. Sometimes it’s due to rough fabrics irritating the skin.

It also happens when the skin is exposed to sweat for too long.

There are three Buttitude variants you can choose from depending on your skin-care concerns:

  • Smoothing Butt Mask (orange). Formulated with juicy Jeju tangerines, the Soothing Butt Mask exfoliates skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Used regularly, the mask will help even skin texture, restore elasticity and brighten the bum cheeks.
  • Hydrating Butt Mask (blue). This hydrogel sheet mask is infused with moisturizing Jeju lava seawater that leaves the butt plump and shiny. Lava seawater helps maintain the skin’s moisture balance.
  • Purifying Butt Mask (green). Say goodbye to butt acne with this purifying sheet designed to clear clogged pores. The Purifying Butt Mask is formulated with Jeju volcanic ash, a well-known purifying ingredient.

Buttitude is available at Rustan’s Beauty Source.

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