Have a safe and secure highlands sanctuary with a reliable work-from-home setup


ANY which way one looks at it, choosing Tagaytay Highlands as your alternate primary residence or as your permanent home—and work—address can be the best move one could ever make.

Imagine being transported from your sleek corner office in a posh high-rise to a tranquil work-from-home (WFH) setting with a lavish nature view. Then visualize yourself heading for a game or two at an exclusive golf course or sweating it out at the gym, then bonding with family and friends at a specialty restaurant. All these just a brisk walk or short drive from your beautiful home where you’ve just wrapped up a productive workday. No traffic to endure, no smog or pollution to breathe in—just clean, crisp mountain air and a year-round cool breeze.

Picture this idyllic setting as the country continues to adapt to the “new normal.” With the health situation showing little or no sign of abating anytime soon, well-heeled Filipinos are seeking safe havens for their families and finding these down south in Tagaytay Highlands, an exclusive mountain resort complex just 90 minutes’ drive from the metropolis.

Perched 2,500 feet above sea level, Tagaytay Highlands (www.tagaytayhighlands.com), is a luxury residential and recreational estate sprawled over 1,200 hectares of rolling terrain, affording its homeowners stunning views of placid Taal Lake and majestic Mt. Makiling in the horizon. Apart from offering its famous signature log cabins to forward-thinking families, Tagaytay Highlands boasts elegantly themed residential enclaves designed to serve as alternative primary homes for discerning property seekers.

It’s a scenario that continuously unfolds. Having culled vital lessons from a global health threat that has lasted for more than a year now, companies are looking at physical, emotional, and mental wellness as part of the adaptive restructuring of their workplaces. Business owners are likewise looking to the suburbs for short- and even long-term retreats that have been proven conducive to “working from home.” With such in mind, expect Tagaytay Highlands to tout its best features as a natural therapeutic refuge: wide-open, low-density spaces, serene and relaxing environs, breathtaking vistas, garden parks, and fresh, mountain air—all long-lasting deterrents to viral transmission.

To ensure the holistic well-being of families and individuals accustomed to the lifestyle amenities of the city, each property purchase at Tagaytay Highlands comes with access to two challenging golf courses, cable cars, outdoor and indoor sports facilities, swimming pools, gourmet dining places, and membership in The Country Club.

And as the Philippines awaits the end of the pandemic, Tagaytay Highlands assures its homeowners and guests that all facilities and personnel strictly adhere to sanitation procedures and safety protocols including disinfection, hand sanitation, wearing of face mask and face shield, and social distancing.

Property Management has also been consistent in complying with health and safety precautionary measures and delivering quick crisis response during adverse natural and high-risk events.

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