Grounding fitness on ‘Rise Up Shape Up’


THE Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) takes a break from featuring active sports and competitive events to give attention to a calm, serene way to fitness—grounding or earthing— in this Saturday’s episode of “Rise Up Shape Up.”

Grounding or earthing is a science-based therapeutic technique that reconnects an individual to nature as he or she step and feel the earth or ground.

As explained by earth science, when the feet get direct contact with the ground, the body is electrically charged by the earth and gives the body positive effects. It is said to help reduce physical and mental stress prevent and treat inflammation and add immunity against diseases.

Grace Eleazar, an author and devout practitioner of holistic life, will talk about grounding and earthing on the special episode which starts at 10:30 am.

PSC Women in Sports oversight commissioner Celia Kiram said that they thought of the pregnant and elderly women when they came up with the idea of featuring grounding to fitness.

“Pregnant women and the elderly might be too intimidated with high-impact exercises. But with grounding, all they need to do is step on the ground, walk barefoot, and feel the earth under their feet to help release muscle tension and stress,” Kiram said.

Kiram will also discuss the history of grounding or earthing in “K-Isport” segment.

The 25 winners of each of the four categories of the Zumbarangay Pilipinas: Solo on Cam Exercise Challenge will be announced on Saturday. The winners will receive a cash prize of P1,000 each.

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