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GONE AMONGST THE COBWEBS: A Must-Listen Synth-pop Track

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Following his first release, Karl Art, an up-and-coming independent Filipino artist who writes and records his songs in his bedroom, put out his second single that continues the story of the dark and sadistic protagonist in his first single, “Bended Knees.”

His new song “Cobwebs,” does not follow the conventional song structure of Pop music with the Chorus only appearing near the end of the track, and having an intro that is almost one minute long. Nevertheless, the song still manages to capture attention and take the listener on a journey of love, obsession, regret, and disenchantment.

When asked: what inspired you to make Cobwebs?

Art replied, “I was inspired by this song called “Bury the Light” by Casey Edwards ft. Victor Borba. It was made for the video game, Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition—I am also a big fan of the DMC series. The song has so many layers to it, and it has the heaviest, dirtiest bass I have ever heard, so I wanted to recreate that somehow. I usually get inspiration from different songs or pieces of music.”

Karl also mentioned that he only produces his music in his bedroom.

“The only equipment I use when making songs are my laptop, and a cheap condenser microphone.”

The new song also features a fresh-new singer/songwriter, Patti Langas. Patti is Art’s Music Production block-mate at the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde.

We also asked Patti: how was the experience working on the song?

“It was very easy! Art had a clear idea and concept of what he wanted the song to be, so the work I needed to do was clear cut. We’re also good friends so working with him was more fun than stressful.” She replied.

As for Patti, the most challenging part of collaborating with Art was working over the internet!

“I would record, and send my parts late at night, because that was the only time it was quiet enough to record.”

On releasing an album or an EP, both artists said that they are not yet planning on releasing an album.

As for Art: “not at the moment. I want to learn more and grow more as a songwriter and as a producer before I start thinking about making ang album or an EP.”

All in all, this newly released synth-pop track with a hint of gothic imagery is surely a must-listen!

You can stream Cobwebs in these links:



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