GE completes repair of Avion gas plant


The second unit of First Gen Corp.’s 97-megawatt (MW) Avion gas fired-plant has been repaired more than a month after it went offline due to damage found in its gas turbine.

Prime Meridian Power Gen Corp. (PMPC) informed its parent firm First Gen that restoration works of Unit 2 of Avion power plant have been completed by GE, the original equipment manufacturer.

“Re-commissioning and testing activities, which are necessary to determine whether the unit can be declared ready to return to commercial operations, have commenced,” First Gen said Tuesday.

The Avion power plant is owned by PMPC and is located within the First Gen Clean Energy Complex in Batangas City.

Last August, First Gen reported that the damage to Avion Unit 2, which has a capacity of approximately 48.5 MW, was found during an ongoing routine inspection. GE then advised PMPC that Avion Unit 2 cannot be operated and will require further offsite assessment at a GE service depot abroad to determine the extent of the damage and effect repairs necessary to place the gas turbine back into service.

 The Avion gas plant is one of the gas facilities that source fuel from the offshore Malampaya gas field.

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