Fujitsu: PHL is ripe for digital shift


Digital transformation enabler Fujitsu aims to leverage the so-called work-life shift phenomenon in the Philippines to grow its business amid the pandemic.

In a nutshell, work-life shift refers to the phenomenon in which enterprises are scaling their digital operations to enable their employees to work remotely while ensuring efficiency and productivity.

“Among the Asian countries that were impacted by Covid-19 needless to say that the Philippines was especially hard hit by the pandemic. I do believe that the situation is making a turn for the better, things are improving in the Philippines. And we are seeing more and more circumstances that people are working from home. We are seeing a work-life shift,” Fujitsu Head of Asia Region Koji Masuda said in a press briefing.

The Philippines, he said, is ripe for digital transformation and Fujitsu wants to be part of that initiative.

“I do believe that for the Philippines, we would like to leverage the strength of work-life shift. And by doing so we believe that we can appeal to the market and at the same time we can support and boost the economy as well as support and enrich the daily lives of the Philippines. In that regard, Fujitsu’s offering and solutions will go a long way in supporting those endeavors,” he said.

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