FDA chief says only 735 out of 24,479,750 contract virus after full or partial vaccination


A total of 735 individuals, who are either partially or fully vaccinated with Covid-19 vaccine, caught the disease, while 65 others have died, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Director General Eric Domingo reported on Friday. 

Of the 735, Adverse Event Following Immunization (AEFI) records show 546 have already received their first dose, 51 after their second dose and 116 turned up positive 14 days after receiving their second dose. 

At an online forum of the Department of Health (DOH), Domingo also said 61 persons who contracted the disease after receiving their first dose died, while two of those who received their second dose who got infected died, and one of those who turned up positive 14 days after receiving second dose likewise expired.  

For unknown vaccine doses, meaning it was not determined if the person was fully vaccinated or not, Domingo said 22 turned positive and one died after contracting Covid-19.  

“Wala po talagang 100 percent na efficacy na vaccine [No Covid-19 vaccine have demonstrated 100 percent efficacy],” Domingo said as he explained on why certain individuals still got infected despite being vaccinated. 

He stressed that it may have to do a lot on the level of reaction of a person’s bodily reaction on the vaccine, as well as the level of immunogenicity, which Domingo described as the result from the biomaterial being detected by the body’s immune system as a foreign object.  

Just like any other vaccines, not only for Covid but other illnesses, the FDA chief said there would always be “breakthrough cases.” 

Domingo stressed, however, that “The benefit [of vaccination] outweighs the risk…[and that] the chance of catching Covid drastically decreases once you’ve completed your vaccination and kasama na din dito ang [this also includes the] possibility of dying from Covid. This time mini maintain natin (we maintain) that the benefit outweighs the risk and vaccination is still the way to go.” 

The Department of Health earlier said that as of August 8, a total of 24,479,750 doses have already been administered.;13,087,781 have received their first doses while 11,391,969 have already received their second dose. 

In his data presentation gathered on August 1, 2021, of the 7,044,592 individuals who received their 1st dose of Sinovac, there were 266 who got Covid-19 before the second dose and 39 deaths; 5,093,246 (second dose), 38 infected and two died, 91 got Covid-19 more than 14 days after the second dose, and one died. Eleven, who received unknown doses, were also infected. 

  • AstraZeneca: 3,124,335 individuals who received their first dose of the vaccine, 255 got infected and 21 have died, for 908,113, 13 were infected with zero deaths, 24 (were infected 14 days after receiving their 2nd doses, and 8 individuals with incomplete data on the number of doses contracted the disease. 
  • Sputnik: 249,708 received first dose – 6 infected and one death, no record of infections and deaths for the 64,167 who received their second dose.  
  • Pfizer: 1,252,739 partially vaccinated – 18 infected with zero deaths, no reported infections and deaths on 1,099,189 fully vaccinated individuals, but one person was infected 14 days after receiving second dose. 
  • Moderna: one was infected out of 76,207 individuals who were partially vaccinated, while none of the 23,528 fully vaccinated persons contracted the disease. 
  • Janssen: no reported deaths and infections after the vaccine was administered to 1,927,720 individuals. 

Domingo clarified that Sinovac and AstraZeneca may have the most number of cases because both brands have most number of Covid-19 vaccines delivered and administered in the country.

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