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Extreme ECQ A Possibility – Mayor Inday

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Davao City:  Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte is not closing the possibility that the city will be placed under an extreme Enhanced Community Quarantine (EECQ) after the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) is lifted on April 19.

Mayor Inday said it was important to contain the virus but warned that under the EECQ, fewer establishments will remain open and fewer workers will go to work.

Mayor Inday said over the Davao City Disaster Radio though that the implementation of the EECQ will depend on the outcome of the 14-day ECQ that is being implemented in the city.

She said that as long as the people will cooperate and follow the guidelines set by the city government, the health sector can contain the virus and prevent it from further spreading. If this happens, there might not be a need for an EECQ anymore.

“We are now planning on what will happen to Davao City and Davao Region after April 19,” Mayor Inday said. “We are planning two things – one is Extreme Enhanced Community Quarantine or we go back to the ordinary community quarantine.”

Mayor Inday also reminded the business owners to prepare a system adopting physical distancing when the city goes back to the ordinary community quarantine.

She said that it is better to have a system in place, such as establishing proper distancing between their customers.

“Everyone must mark their floors and seats so that the people will know where they can sit or stand,” she said. CIO

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