Entrepreneurs laud Shopee program to promote e-commerce skills


AS consumer behavior shifts, brands and retailers turn to online platforms to support and promote their businesses. As a result, many new online sellers need the proper guidance and e-commerce knowledge during the transition to maximize the industry’s potential.  

Leading e-commerce platform Shopee successfully concluded its second Shopee University Summit, with the support of Vivo, PULUZ, CameraHaus, Human Nature Manila Branch, WM Shop, and Design Center of the Philippines.

During the event, participants learned about developing the correct business branding, product photography skills, and leveraging Shopee tools and social-media platforms to promote their businesses.  

“Shopee is proud of its successful second Shopee University Summit that aims to equip entrepreneurs with the right tools and knowledge to thrive in the e-commerce industry. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, Shopee ensures that sellers and entrepreneurs alike are ready to face the challenges and overcome these with confidence,” Martin Yu, director at Shopee Philippines, said.

Majority of brands and micro, small, and medium enterprises said they were able to adapt to the current retail landscape challenges. Shopee and brands like Human Nature and PULUZ shared the best e-commerce marketing practices to support small businesses to recover and thrive in the competitive digital space.

Jillian Co, branch operator at Human Nature Manila, said Shopee helped them overcome the challenges to remain open for business. “Being on Shopee also opened many growth opportunities and enabled us to continue to thrive. Its user-friendly platform and available marketing tools were convenient for the business to promote and sell our products. As the e-commerce industry rapidly expands and attracts many consumers, its impact will have a long-lasting mark and will change the industry.”

Carmella Peña, brand manager at PULUZ Philippines said the partnership with Shopee enabled them to grow their business through its support and different tools in the Marketing Center such as Shopee Feed and Shopee Live.

“We can promote our products to attract more buyers. Shopee helped us reach a wider audience to share about our brand; we achieved almost 30,000 views on livestream in a month, something we couldn’t have achieved before on our own. We will continue to maximize the positive changes in the e-commerce landscape as we step up our business,” she explained

Robenson T. Ong Lo, vice president at CameraHaus, pointed out that Shopee helped them to “be a friend to all Filipino photographers by bridging us to photographers in different parts of the country.”

“With Shopee, we ensure photographers buy legitimate and brand new cameras with a warranty included. It also gave us access to widen our market range and reach people through the power of online convenience. Truly we are grateful for this digital platform.”

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