DPWH sees completion of Jica-funded Marawi City road projects this month


The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) said it targets to finish by the end of the month the last of the three contract packages of a Japan International Cooperation Agency (Jica) grant for Marawi.

DPWH Secretary Mark A. Villar said the rehabilitation of Marawi Transcentral Road Phase 1, which was funded through a Jica grant, shall be completed by end August.

The project, he said, “Has provided better access to basic services, increase trade, and contribute to the progressing economic activities in Marawi City, Lanao del Sur.”

“Two of the three contract packages for this Japan International Cooperation Agency-grant project were completed with the remaining package on final finishing touches involving ancillary or drainage works targeted to be finished this end of August 2021,” Villar said.

The design and build of Bacong-Poona-Marantao-Marawi Road, GMA Terminal Access, Marawi-Cadre-New Capitol, Marcos Boulevard, and Idarus Road Section with a total length of 5.45 kilometers under Contract Package 1-B was completed by the joint venture of Al Hussein Construction and N.B. Salbo Construction.

Meanwhile, Kouzbary Builders has completed the 3.9-kilometer road network capacity improvement for the MSU-GMA Road and Lumindong-Amaipakpak Avenue under Contract 2. The 18.97-kilometer Marawi Transcentral Road Phase 1 is part of the government’s comprehensive plan for the reconstruction and development of Marawi.

The government has instructed the consultant Woodfields Consultants Inc. and the joint venture contractors Unimasters Conglomeration Inc./MMA Achievers Construction & Development Corp./CDH Construction/ Flying Seven Construction “to work together in order to meet the target full completion of all the remaining civil works for the 9.41-km Bacong-Iligan-Marawi Road Section under CP 1A this month.”

The DPWH has also started the Marawi Transcentral Road Phase 3, which is another 18.78-kilometer road rehabilitation project funded by Jica under the official development assistance (ODA) loan package.

On-going under Marawi Transcentral Road Project Phase 3 are four packages as follow: Package 3A with a total length of 4.87 kilometers  consists of Cabingan-MSU Campus-Amai Pakpak Avenue (Road 6), MSU Campus-Matampay-Marantao Road (Road 7), and Rapasa-Bayaba Road (Road 20); Package 3B with a total length of 4.92 kilometers that covers Emie-Sagonsongan-Linao-Lantian Road (Road 9-1), MSU-Bubo Road (Road 13), and Rantian-Paling Road (Road 14).

Package 3C with a total length of 4.34 kilometer composed of Linao-Alinan Road (Road 15), Emie-Sagunsungan-Linao-Rantian Road (Road 9-2), Rorogagus-Mipaga Road (Road 25), and Bito-Mipaga-Marawi Road (Road 26); and Package 3D with a total length of 4.65 kilometer with the following components: Bacong-Poona-Marantao-Marawi Road (Road 2-3); Bito-Rorogagus-Guimba Road (Road 11); and Tampilong Road (Road 28).

“The improvement of roads in Marawi City and its surrounding areas is among the national government’s infrastructure flagship projects in support to the transition to Bangsamoro government that will help boost peace-building efforts and open up opportunities for people to improve their quality of life,” Villar said. 

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