DOLE and PRetA tighten watch on ‘employed’ foreign retirees


The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) is now looking into the status of “employed” foreign retirees in the country to make sure they are compliant with local labor regulations. 

This after Senator Richard J. Gordon expressed concern over the alleged influx of foreign “young retirees” in the country, who are still capable to  work.  

In an online news briefing on Monday, Labor spokesman Rolly Francia said DOLE signed a memorandum of agreement with the Philippine Retirement Authority (PRetA) last week. 

Under the said data-sharing accord, PRetA will be able to check if holders of Special Resident Retiree’s Visa (SSRV) also have an Alien Employment Permit (AEP), which are issued by DOLE.

Labor Assistant Secretary Dominique R. Tutay said PRetA requested the said partnership for an ongoing Senate inquiry.

An SSRV is issued by PRetA to foreigners, who would like to retire in the Philippines, while an AEP allows a foreigner to work in the country for over six months. 

“We are closely monitoring them because there might be some [foreigners] who retired but have no cash,” Francia said. 

“As I understand it, they are allowed to retire here in the hope they could substantially contribute to the community where they intend to retire. So this means they should have not only talent but also economic investment,” he added. 

Based on DOLE’s latest data, there are currently 366 SSRV holders, who also have AEPs this year. 

Of which, 188 are new AEPs, while the remaining 178 are renewals. 

Francia said SSRV holders could have AEP as long as they are engaged in specialized jobs, such as an engineer consultant, and not in menial jobs.  

Last year, Senator Gordon raised the issue over the entry of 28,000 “young” Chinese retirees in the country and urged PReta to conduct a probe on the matter since they could still participate in the country’s labor market.

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