DFNN gaming platform attracting more bettors


DFNN Inc., a maker of solutions for gambling firms, on Tuesday said its online gaming platform InPlay.ph has captured a “respectable” share of the market since its launch in November last year.

DFNN said the platform for the three quarters of the year ending September had gross bets reaching P6 billion.

In the third quarter alone, gross bets increased by 64.56 percent to P1.43 billion from the P869 million recorded in the second quarter.

The platform’s third quarter gross gaming revenue (GGR) rose by 60 percent to P64.3 million compared to the previous quarter’s GGR of P40 million. The consolidated GGR for the three quarters now amount to P269.3 million.

The company did not provide figures as to the percentage of the said online platform as against DFNN’s total revenues.

“As social distancing restrictions continue, consumers keep flocking to the internet for various activities. Online gaming is one pursuit that undoubtedly flourished as a form of entertainment,” the company said.

“InPlay.ph’s revenue has consistently shown an upward trajectory since its launch. It is projected that InPlay.ph’s performance will surpass that of the traditional gaming outlets which has suffered due to the lockdowns imposed because of the pandemic,” the company said.

DFNN said as lockdown measures ease and more gaming outlets re-open, it is projected that revenue from these outlets will start to improve and thus consolidated revenue figures at year-end is seen to be on the positive for the first time since March 2020. VG Cabuag

InPlay.ph is the first legal online gaming platform in the Philippines. With approximately 500 games, providing full confidentiality and 24/7 customer service, it aims to bring legal domestic online gaming services, the company said.

The company’s services are divided into systems integration, programming and customization, consultancy, and gaming development.

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